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: Phi Ta Khon Thailand traditional.

Phi Ta Khon Thailand traditional.

Phi Ta Khon parade tradition It is a tradition and game of the Dan Sai people of Loei Province, which Loei Province is considered to be the upper Isan region. As a result, it has a diverse culture and is different from other provinces. including language, games, food, and way of life that are unique and outstanding and beautiful It is a collection and application. Between the northern and northeastern regions And there is still a cool and comfortable weather. and has a high mountainous landscape and beautiful scenery.
Suitable for traveling And there is a tradition that is ranked in the world, namely the Phi Ta Khon parade tradition, which is organized as part of the big traditional merit-making event, also known as “Bun Luang Festival” or “Bun Phawet” which falls on the seventh lunar month, taking place in Dan Sai District, Loei Province. and organized as a game that is considered a tradition every year. It is connected with the annual merit-making ceremony of Phra Wes or Mahachat Sermon with Phra That Si Song Rak. Important places of worship for the Dan Sai people It is another famous and famous tradition of Loei Province. There is a Phi Ta Khon procession with people dressed like ghosts and demons wearing large, unique masks. There are different beautiful patterns. Showing fun dancing in processions that parade through the streets. until becoming the “Phi Ta Khon” as it is today
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